Indulge in total relaxation

Relax, relieve stress, and restore your body with a Maab massage treatment. All massages last 60 minutes unless specified below.


Classic Swedish Massage

These days, your body is exposed to severe stress, be it physical or mental. During daily activities muscle tissue releases lactic acid, and if it is not removed from the body, the muscles become heavy, the body becomes stiff and slow. This massage purifies each cell, completely relaxes the spine and muscles and eliminates stress.


Aromatherapy Massage

Relax the body and accelerate healing with aromatherapy massage. This massage embraces the therapeutic use of essential oils which have different effects on the body, mind and soul. Some have an analgesic and antispasmodic effect, while most are antibacterial and calming. A very pleasant and relaxing full body massage.

60 ,min


Deep Tissue Massage

Sports massage speeds up the process of removing lactic acid created during muscular exercise and thus enables a rapid process of recovery muscle. Also reduces the accumulation of lactic acid, which is eventually converted to micro-calcifications, which may cause muscle tension and potentially pain.                       30 min or 60 min 

Head massage 2.jpg

Around the World Massage 

This is our signature massage. Enjoy an Indian head massage, a Swedish back massage and a Chinese foot massage.  This is your trip around the world in 60 minutes. 


Chocolate Massage 

 The massage techniques will release muscle tension and stress and the chocolate will leave your skin feeling hydrated, re-mineralised and infused with a deliciously chocolate scent. The Chocolate Massage is a superbly indulgent and unforgettable experience for the senses, especially if you love chocolate! 


Mediterranean massage 

This massage uses different techniques - deep relaxation, stimulates circulation, wave like movements have a drainage effect on the body and light stretching eases the muscles. For the full indulgence this massage uses mediterranean essential oils - lavender, pine, rosemary, thyme.  You will ease stress and tension and your body and soul will achieve harmony.


Maab Spa Signature Massage 



Prenatal or Pregnancy Massage 

A safe, soothing treatment for women in their second and third trimester who are experiencing a normal, healthy pregnancy. Relieves fluid retention and pressure due to weight gain, encourages healthy circulation and promotes restful sleep patterns. The massage lotion, is a combination of natural safe oils used to soften skin and seal in moisture to promote healthy skin cell growth. Our therapists are certified and trained to preform this massage.  Duration 50 min

hot stone massage 2.jpg

Hot Stone Massage 

It is renowned for its deeply relaxing benefits it entails the use of heated volcanic stones with minerals and other therapeutic properties along with specific blends of essential oils in an acupressure point focused massage releasing knots, tension and stress. It relieves pain, improves blood circulation, and promotes harmony, balance and peace.


Deep Tissue Massage with Ultrasound 

A therapeutic ultrasound is applied for up to 10 minutes to aid in pain and tension reduction of the back, followed by a 30 minutes deep tissue back massage focused  to reduce pain and discomfort, while improving the body’s ability to heal itself.  Best results are achieved with 4 massages in a span of 10-14 days. 


Peeling Massage

If you would like a body scrub and a massage this is the treatment for you. Use modified techniques of a classic Swedish Massage and a gentle exfoliation sloughs off dead cells and enhances your body’s natural ability to replenish skin cells, leaving skin soft and smooth to the touch while your muscles are relaxed. Duration 45 min.